He was an unexpected find.  The mother had a litter of kittens by the front door of the house.  In trying to capture the mother and the kittens, the mother ran off and took all but one of the kittens...Trouble.  I think I know why she left him.  He lives up to his name (and that's how he got named in the first place).  He also needed to be bottle fed, but having done it once I knew what to do.

He started out small.

But he soon grew into a 25 pound monster.  He is capable of reaching light switches without jumping!

Here he is expressing his authority of the TV remotes.

His faviorite toy is a string shoe lace.  Here's a few pictures of him jumping after one.

Here he is doing his impression of Kujo.

Like all cats, he loves the sun and the kitchen window box is a perfect place to be a cat!

He also misses me when I leave.  So if he thinks I'm outside he'll sit in the window this case waving.