My Friend

Youthful was he, when first introduced
Survival not likely, most would have agreed
Many years later, he proved them all wrong

Never for words, he talked none the less
Loudly or softly, but never with scorn
Meaning was clear, not mis-understood

Lazy was he, just laying about
Soaking up sunshine, while napping all day
Never too busy, just sat and relaxed

Annoying could be, when hunger set in
Cajoling and pestering, 'til meal was set out
Ate quite heartily, but never was fat

Comfort would he, when sadness set in
Grinning and playing, forced dark clouds to pass
Antics and spectacle, one couldn't help but laugh

Eyes brimming with tears, goodbyes were all said
We parted today, not to meet anymore
Even not present, his love still remains

Never one better, a hard one to find
A person not he, not wishing to be
Always a cat, my friend was he

(c) 2004 G. Sotomayor