I finally found an 11/70.  However, this will be of the "kit" variety.  I acquired from seperate sources the CPU box and power supplies, front panel, CPU cards and memory box.  The interesting challenge will be to get it all working together!

I went to pick up the CPU box today and learned an important lesson.  Make sure that the cargo box on the truck can handle 6 foot racks (the one I rented didn't).  I can also catagorically state that a ramp is *not* a good substitute for a power lift gate.  To get the 11/70 into the cargo box (after discovering that the box would not handle 6 foot racks *after* we'd pushed it up the ramp) required the use of a fork lift and a PDP-11 in a position it should never be seen in (I'll spare you the gory details).  However, the 11/70 made it home without any further trouble.  Getting the 11/70 out of the truck proved fairly easy since we were working with gravity (no I didn't push it out the back -- wait a minute!  That *is* what I did!).  We used the ramp as a slide (since the 11/70 wasn't upright).  Once it hit the ground (I mean on the ground), it was a simple matter of uprighting it onto it's casters and moving it to where I wanted it.