My Old Computer Collection

It started out simply enough, I just wanted to satisfy my nostalgia for a PDP-11 (any PDP-11) that I'd used while I was in school.  I'm now fully engaged in collecting.  With the acquisition of an 11/70 I *think* I have all of the CPUs I want.  Now it's finding all the various peripherals!

I'm not past collecting just PDP-11's, although they make up the bulk of my collection.  I've added a couple of PDP-8's and just recently a KL-10 (PDP-10).

I've also just branched out into HP mini's.   I've acquired an HP 2116C minicomputer.  This is important personally because an HP 2114A was the first computer I ever used (and programmed).  Those of us who "played" with it would drool over HP's documentation for the 2116 because it was bigger/better/faster than our little 2114.

A New Home for Old Computers (New 3/24/2004)

A "rescue" (new 5/08/2004)

A friend of mine and I decided to make an impression at this year's VCF (Vintage Computer Festival).  So we loaded up my 11/45 and his 11/70 for display.  I think we made an impression.  

I had loaded up a modified version of V7 Unix to run on my 11/45 and had a number of terminals configured.  It was very impressive to see unix run with lots of blinking lights.  At one point I felt sorry for my friend and used 'dd' to copy my root and user packs so he could run it on his 11/70.

Here's a shot of our booth.

Current Inventory (Updated 12/8/2003)

Software (New 3/16/2003)

PC Boards (New 12/10/2004)

Moving a Collection
Part 1 (New 7/21/2003)

Part 2 (New 9/3/2003)


At this point I have almost all of the systems that I want.  I'm looking for some nice disk drives.  Particularly drives that have removable packs (any RP, RM, RK, RL).  I'm also looking for working 9-track tape drives that can be interfaced to PDP-11s.  I'm also looking for DEC tape (TU-56) drives and controllers.  I would also like to find Unibus or Q-bus SCSI controllers (just like every one else).  

PDP-11 Resources

Here are some links to some resources for PDP-11s that I've found useful:
 The PDP-11 FAQ
 PDP-11 Archives  (Freeware, Bootstraps, DECUS, etc)
 The PDP-11 Unix Preservation Society
 PDP-11 Scanned Documents (TIFFs)
 PDP-11 Scanned Documents (PDFs)