KM11 Replica

Two KM11 boards in an 11/40

The original KM11 was two boards (W130 & W131) that was used in various PDP-11 computers and devices.  They are used in the diagnosis of problems by being able to examine internal states that are not normally visable on the front panel.

The replica KM11 is a single board that is plugged into an extender board which is plugged into the appropriate slot(s) in a PDP-11.  Full documentation is provided including schematics and parts lists.

Other people have created replica KM11 boards.  One is from Tom Uban.  His design (and part of this design) is based upon work by Tony Duell.

KM11 Accessories

Serveral accessories are now available for the KM11.  These include a light mask and a set of overlays for the different KM11 applications.

KM11 Light Mask

A light mask is available that is used to shield the light from the LEDs from each other.  It also serves as a good mount for any overlays that might be used.  It is machined from a solid piece of Delrin plastic for strength and durability.  Mounting holes are drilled and tapped for 4/40 machine screws.  When ordered all mounting hardware and spacers are supplied.

KM11 Overlays

A set of 8 overlays for the different applications for the KM11.  One set of 8 is sufficient for any application up to 2 KM11 boards.  It is manufactured on 30 mil (0.030 inch) polycabonite plastic and are precision cut to size.

Available seperately is an overlay for the RX01 and a set of 2 for the RK11-C.

KM11 Delux

A "delux" version of the KM11 is available that includes all of the relavent accessories (it does not include the overlays for the RX01 or the RK11-C).

Documentation and Pricing

Documentation for the KM11 is here.

Pricing for the KM11 is here.